Scrub Control

Where grassland management is inadequate or absent, scrub will rapidly colonize a meadow. This process can be reverted using a number of methods, but all invariably involve a structured approach over a number of years. If working in a protected habitat additional environmental impact factors will have to be considered.

Llywni Meadows

Designated as part of a SSSI for GCN and an important open green space for local residents, the meadow had scrubbed over due to lack of cutting. ELM was contracted to cut and remove all the scrub, prior to a meadow cut requiring agricultural machinery.

Craig Alyn

Part of the Alyn Valley SSSI, this site had been recorded as having excellent limestone fauna, including Stinking Hellebore.

A lack of grazing had allowed a mixture of scrub to establish, which required removal before the re-introduction of cattle.

Parc Bodlondeb

One of the best locations in North Wales for limestone grassland, and consequently designated as a SSSI, unfortunately gorse and blackthorn encroachment was causing a deterioration in the site. Ecological Land Management has carried out a successful programme of removal and stump treatment, with cattle grazing now holding the scrub in check.