Paths and Platforms

To prevent erosion and allow year round access to a site, paths and platforms invariably have to be built. Dipping platforms, for use by children to explore the life of ponds, have very specific user requirements and need careful consideration if these needs are to be met. The construction of paths and platforms can involve major disturbance to the habitat and if protected species are present a licence will usually be required.

Dipping platform

Originally a farm pond and now designated as part of a SSSI for its GCN population, this habitat was viewed as a great learning resource for the school who now have it within their conservation area.

Minimising disturbance and preventing pollution from any potential source were a priority, whilst ensuring all involved enjoyed themselves and the finished product was to a high standard that met everyone’s needs.


Path Construction

ELM worked in conjunction with a disabled access group to build this path through a SSSI. Minimal disturbance was essential, as was an understanding of GCN ecology, as they were present on site.

Fishing Platform

Buckley Common is a popular fishing location in North Wales, and with excellent all weather access paths nearly to the waters edge, it provided an ideal location to provide fishing for people in wheel chairs. ELM worked with the client to provide a design, bringing together the best features from a number of sources, as well as taking in to consideration the extreme amount of vandalism the site suffers.

Following construction, the project was completed by a team of local volunteers, who built a short stretch of path to connect the platform to the existing network.


To improve visitor access to the beach and prevent erosion of the fragile dunes within the SSSI at Gronant, a number of solid oak boardwalks were needed. ELM constructed over 70 metres, sourcing the timber from a local Welsh sawmill.

Ensuring visitor safety was of paramount importance during the construction phase, along with minimizing disturbance to the dune structure.