Environmental Policy

The key environmental impacts of the company’s activities are:

  • The impacts of waste disposal;
  • The impacts of energy production and supply;
  • The impacts of water use;
  • The impacts of vehicle use; and
  • The impacts of fuel, oil and herbicide storage, use and disposal.

Environmental Committments

Ecological Land Management is committed to high standards of environmental practice and continual environmental improvement. In order to achieve its aim of protecting the environment we will conform to the following principles:

  • Prevention of pollution.
  • Continual environmental improvement
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation.

We also make the following specific environmental commitments to reduce the environmental impact of our operations:

  • Reduce waste and increase re-use and recycling.
  • Minimise energy usage.
  • Minimise water consumption.
  • Optimise the fuel use of vehicles.
  • Store and handle fuel and herbicides to minimise the risk of pollution.

Overall responsibility for the Environmental Policy lies with Phil Pearce.

This policy is communicated to all staff and sub-contractors and is available to all interested parties.

Environmental Pledge

Ecological Land Management Ltd enhances habitats to improve their biodiversity and encourage their appreciation by the public. Many of these habitats have local, regional or national designation and we therefore wish to ensure that all our business activities, both on and off site, have the minimum negative impact on the biodiversity of our planet.  We therefore strive for continual environmental improvement, and as part of this process the company adopts the above Environmental Policy.